Pray for our team in Haiti

Today seven people from our church community are on a plane to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. They are traveling with 19 others from across the nation to spend five days hosting a medical clinic in Gonaïves, Haiti.

Providing access to quality medical care is just one aspect of the vision of the Haiti Orphan Project, our partner organization in Gonaïves. They will partner with local Haitian churches and organizations to provide care for the orphans of Village de Vie, a Children’s Village in Gonaïves, as well as neighborhood children and families.

Here’s two ways you can be involved.

Pray for our team.

Pray that through medical care, we would see great strides towards our vision to see the boys and girls of Village de Vie grow into men and women who love Jesus, love Haiti, and work to see their community restored and renewed.

Send a child to school.

In addition to periodic medical trips, an ongoing need in Gonaïves is education. Village de Vie, the Children’s Village, has space to accommodate 180 local children in their school (in addition to the 30 orphans who live there). Dozens in our community have already committed to sponsoring local children ($20/month), and our prayer is that the remaining space could be filled by children sponsored by our church.

You can sign up to sponsor here (please write “KCMO Tuition” in the transaction memo line).

Thank you for praying. If you have any questions about how you can be involved in our efforts in Haiti, please contact me.

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