Johnson County Launch Sunday

On September 7, 2014, we launched Redeemer Fellowship Johnson County. In many ways, we’ve had a ministry in Johnson County for the last six years. A large percentage of our church crossed the state line every Sunday to attend, and we have close to 15 Gospel Communities in Johnson County. But on September 7 the nature of our ministry in Johnson County changed with the opening of a local Redeemer congregation at 87th and Antioch.

The last eight weeks have been nothing short of amazing. We’re hearing stories of people understanding the gospel of Jesus for the first time, as well as stories of families whose lives and identities are being reshaped by the message of the cross.

Whether you’re a part of our Midtown Congregation or have supported our church from outside Kansas City, we wanted to give you a quick glimpse into the Sunday life of Redeemer Johnson County. Please continue to join us in praying that Jesus would be magnified and Johnson County would be transformed in the life of our community.


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