Intern at Redeemer Fellowship This Summer

In speaking with other leaders, one of the common conversations that comes up has to do with the rhythms of our church and our staff. From the energy that comes with a new school year, to the opportunities we have to join the Christian church around the world in the celebration and reflection throughout the liturgical year, every season brings new and unique opportunities for ministry.

Summer is no different, and in fact, summer creates some of our favorite opportunities for developing young leaders in our city. One of the ways we do this is through Summer Ministry Internships.

We asked one of our interns to share a bit about how he has grown throughout his internship at Redeemer.

I’m a student at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary have been an intern with our Care and Counseling ministry this year. I want to be in local church ministry, so I wanted to do the internship because I saw the potential to aid my pastoral ministry experience. I’ve had some really cool chances to teach in various classes and sit in on counseling sessions. In doing these, I have better learned how to counsel and walk with people through difficult seasons of their life.

The goal of these internships is to expose, equip, and assess aspiring leaders with hands-on ministry experience in the context of a local church. Interns will participate in collaborative projects and team development as they work with a variety of staff members across many of our ministries. They will gain experience and exposure with small group ministry, community development, care and counseling, and more.

Overall, the internship has been incredible. I’ve been developed in everything from administrative and communication skills to a much broader understanding of what day-to-day pastoral life looks like. Beyond these things I further discovered Jesus Christ’s transforming power and how local church ministry plays an essential role in God’s handiwork. I imagine the growth I’ve gained through this internship to show up in various ways later down the road in ways I cannot even imagine.


This summer we are accepting several interns for an eight-week ministry internship that begins on June 1 and ends on July 31. All the information you need, as well as instructions on how to apply can by found by visiting God is changing lives at Redeemer. We hope you, or someone you know, will come be a part of it this summer!


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