Happy Mother’s Day from Redeemer Fellowship

Happy Mother’s Day!

As a community, a day like today gives us a lot to celebrate! Mother’s Day is an appropriate moment to pause and consider that Christ—God in the flesh—chose to be born of a woman. Being made like his brothers in every respect, Christ identifies himself in his humanity with both man and woman, by being born of a woman.

This highlights for us the intentionality of making himself humanly dependent on a young woman to carry the pregnancy to term, be nursed, changed, cuddled, taught how to speak and eat, and to be loved by her, which secured his survival. What a beautiful portrait of restoration of the beauty of womanhood—as intended from the beginning—to reflect the full image of God!

In motherhood we see God’s life-giving, life-bearing, life-loving heart.

In the joys of the uniqueness of a mother’s love, we see God’s incomparable enjoyment of his children. In the pains of childbirth we see his sacrificial love. In the endurance of lonely days and nights, we see his patient heart toward his people. Motherhood pictures the faithful, relentless, steadfast, deep love of God for his children.

And even as we consider these realities and celebrate the mothers in our community, we cannot neglect the pain that is sometimes associated with motherhood by virtue of the brokenness of creation, which is “groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now” for its full restoration (Romans 8:22).

Together, we mourn…

  • The lonely tears of those whose bodies and souls are ready to embrace the gift of motherhood and yet in mysterious providence, they cannot.
  • The deep pain of those longing for marriage and companionship, yet have to mourn its absence.
  • The unparalleled pain of those who have lost children.
  • The perplexing grief of those who have endured abandonment and abuse by their mothers.
  • The sacrificial and intricate outpouring of those who endure the grueling process of fostering and adoption.
  • The complexities of blended families and step-parenting.
  • The deep sorrow of those who have lost their mothers.
  • The sorrowful exhaustion of caring for a sick child.
  • The anticipation of loss and grief caring for a sick mother.
  • We grieve these and the many unnamed losses and sorrows that are represented amongst our people.

    So, wherever you find yourself this Mother’s Day, join us in reflecting upon the love of God! Join us in celebrating a God who created women and mothers in his image in ways that are uniquely female. And, in places where a day like today causes pain, hold fast to what Christ has accomplished for us and the hope of restoration that he promises to bring.


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