Affordable Christmas 2015

In a few weeks, our building at Redeemer Midtown will look a little different! We will transform our space into a store and Christmas decorations will fill the building, all in preparation for Affordable Christmas. Affordable Christmas is an annual event that we host to empower families to provide Christmas in a dignified way.

Every year people donate thousands of gifts that are available for purchase by families from our partner organizations (Crossroads Academy & Alcazar Apartments) at 1/10th of the original purchase price.

Affordable Christmas will be on Saturday, December 12 from 9 am to 2 pm, and we need your help to pull it off! Check out our website to learn about how you can Give and Serve with Affordable Christmas.

Here are a couple stories of people impacted by Affordable Christmas over the years.


Affordable Christmas 1

I really connected with the mom I was helping shop for her 4 kids. She lost her husband about a year ago and clearly it was very difficult for her to be facing the holidays alone! I couldn’t shake that afternoon and thought about it often during the days leading up to Christmas and decided to send her a Christmas gift so she would have something to open. I ended up bringing it by her house Christmas Eve and it was a delight to see the joy it brought her to know someone cared for her!

Affordable Christmas 3

The first woman who I was assisting as a personal shopper told me that she had been coming to Affordable Christmas every year since it started. At first, she didn’t seem that excited about the whole event. But as we made our way to the register with a bag full of gifts for her two teenage sons, she pulled out a twenty dollar bill and told me, “I’ve been saving this crisp twenty, right here in the back of my wallet, all month long, just for this moment. I can ‘t wait to get these gifts back home and show my husband what we got for our boys! ” I loved her sense of empowerment, and the joy that she had taken in saving that crisp twenty all month long. In that moment, I saw the power of Affordable Christmas to preserve personal dignity while still benefitting those who need a little help.

Affordable Christmas 2

There are so many ways for you to get involved. We encourage you to get together with your small group, with your friends, or your family to think about how to buy gifts, serve together, and tell the story of Jesus through Affordable Christmas.

You can visit to sign up to serve or donate gifts.


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